Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ice Cream

The three year old is crazy about ice cream.
So is his mother.
I've been wanting to try to make our own ice cream for a while now.  Mostly to try to convince myself that we don't need an ice cream maker to make delicious ice cream work.
We went for this simple, two ingredient recipe:
And it worked:-)
After he added the two ingredients, he stood next to me as I whisked.
The recipe says whisking should take about four minutes.
I was whipping for about ten.
And I think it still could have done with a bit more.
The boy grew impatient and told me that it was too late now to do any more whipping.

This was our test batch.  I figured if it actually turned out ok, we could experiment with different flavours another time.  The boy just added lots and lots of sprinkles for this batch.

Apparently more sprinkles were required.

Testing said that it was suitable and tasty enough to freeze.

This thing was pretty solid when it came out of the freezer the next day.  I wonder if it had been fluffier, would it have been easier to serve?

Great timed gift of homemade chocolate chip cookies from a friend.
They complimented the ice cream nicely.  I think it was a bit sweet and rich to have on it's own without the buffer. 2/3 kids liked the ice cream.

The chef approved anyhow!
Made me chuckle.

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