Thursday, 29 August 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Virginia Style
My aunt brings flowers for my Grandma.  I know a lot of her arrangements come from her garden, and I think she said this one did too. But I'm not sure.
Either way, I loved it.  Some of them just looked so alien and coral like.

Butterfly heavy post here.  They were everywhere. I was keen to document the different ones.  It seemed they liked to travel in pairs.

Loads of cicada "skins".  I remember playing with them on the school playground.  Fascinating.
They come out every 17 years. This fact makes me aware of the fact that I am older than I feel. And yet my calculations don't quite add up. I am sure that I remember playing with them on the playground and collecting them, but this doesn't seem right. It would have been 1987ish. 
And LOOK! My boy found a late bloomer hidden behind a pipe in an alley in Fredericksburg.  A local stopped to see what we were looking at and he told us that he thought it was a late cicada. I kind of didn't believe it until I looked on the Internet.  It was big. And their shells are smaller. But wow.

My grandparents garden backs onto a golf course. A good pastime is to watch for balls that go missing, then watch the golfers come and try to find their ball; all the while crossing your fingers that they don't so that the kids can go and find them.  I used to do the same thing. Can you see it? We got to claim it later on.
(Of course sometimes we are nice and point them in the right direction!)

Another of my Aunt's arrangements.

The butterflies love that buddleia in front of my grandparents house.  Unfortunately, the mosquitoes did too.  It wasn't pleasant to linger outside.  It only took a five minutes for around 8 bites.  I must be delicious. 
What is this? A stunt winged butterfly?

The tree that fell and smashed my Grandparent's shed during a storm.

Black Eyed Susans

Tree fall on a picnic table at the Rising Sun Tavern, Fredricksburg

I just liked this planter in Fredericksburg

A jolly find.  A plant celebrating conjunctivitis!

Me and my Conjunctivitis with the Pinky Winky Hydrangea.
We had Strep Throat and Pink Eye on this trip. Boo.
Makes me thankful for travel insurance, antibiotics and the NHS. And grateful for our family who still let us stay with them despite being grossed out by our cooties.  
Shame that we travelled miles and yet there were some family members that I didn't get to hug.

My uncle's Basil that grows taller than the kids.

This is growing outside my sister's and stepmother's house. I think this is an indoor plant in England?

And there is a totally random collection of botanical finds from Virginia.  Nice to be joining in again with Annie and everyone here:

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. those flowers from your aunt are absolutely gorgeous. they look like velvet!

  2. beautiful post! Fascinating too. Those flower arrangements are stunning, lucky you :)) x

  3. Beautiful. Love your aunts arrangements.

  4. Lovely pics, and you're right those first few look like they could come from under the sea. Just stunning.

  5. That basil is HUGE! I was proud of my potted basil in the kitchen until I saw that, haha! Lovely hydrangea photos - I've never seen a Pinky Winky hydrangea before :)

  6. Love you Pinky Winky, and that's not something I say every day...

    Just awesome photos as always, from your Aunts pretty arrangements which look almost velvety to the butterflies and the moss and tree fall. I'm heading back up for another look now.

    Thank you for joining in again, I am loving this weeks!

  7. I love your Pinky Winky too! What a fabulous name. Those butterfly shots are awesome. Your Aunt's flower arrangements are gorgeous x


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