Thursday, 1 August 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Things are not so crunchy and crispy this week after all the rain, but things are slowing down in the garden.  I cleared out a border after gathering some seeds last week and hoping that the lavender will take it's moment to really be spectacular.
Meanwhile... I have been working on:
Another pallet planter! I started this at the beginning of summer, or maybe it was spring? It was a while ago anyway.
No sanding this time.  I preferred the rough look.

The backing.

Testing out location.



Waiting a good three or four weeks for the roots to take and then raising the pallet into position:

Willing the sedums to head towards the light, rather than down with the gravity.  I had quite a few doubts at this point.  Maybe it would just have to be a flat-lying pallet planter...
But no! Another week or so and I am sure they are filling out and the tendrils are stretching upwards, while the sedums planted in the top should start filling out a bit more and dangling down.  The top ones only went in about a week ago, after the pallet was moved upright.

We placed this pallet planter at an angle in the hopes that it might retain water a bit better.  
I also placed it here as a focal point from a door of the house that looks out onto this alleyway-type area with not much going on in the way of greenery.
It's a bit risky, because there is not that much sunlight that hits this area, and according to the info card, they like sunlight.  I figured this would just make them work harder at stretching up to get that little bit of sun that hits the place.  Hey, we are England.  This is what we do.  The sun comes, we grab from it what we can.

Yeah, I stuck a couple of those succulents in there too.  It won't be long until they are hidden from view, but I couldn't help it.

These pallet planters seem to grow a lot of these things.  I pick them out before they get too big and then leave big empty patches when they come out.
The first nasturtium flower.
Pulling up the weeds is so satisfying and interesting to me.

Something has been enjoying the courgette plant grown by one of my two year old (childminded) girls.

But soon, we will be enjoying eating it too.

Meanwhile, on the yellow courgette plant, I got greedy and grabbed a courgette and ate it before taking a picture.
And it was goooood.  Tasted just like Grandmas.

Looking promising...

The Oxalis has really plumped and filled out.  I wonder if it will need to come in over winter?

I love this puff dome of a plant whatever it is!

Trying to capture the butterflies but they flutter around too much.
But this guy lingered in the sun patch for a photo.
So looking forward to snooping round the gardens again, this week hosted here:
Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Your pallet planter is just amazing, what a great idea. It must have been brilliant seeing it develop over these past week. Those courgettes are looking good too, I bet the one you ate tasted fabulous. Well done for capturing that butterfly! Thank you for linking up with #howdoesyourgardengrow

  2. Absolutely love your palette garden. I'll be moving in a few weeks and I can't wait to set up some palettes in my garden. Great post :)

  3. so many wonderful things going on here!! love the pallet. i want to do one but have to get a pallet first and like you, i prefer it rough. and yes.... make them reach for the light! also love that dome plant with dolly sitting on top of it.

  4. Gorgeous pallet again, you're so talented. I love it :)
    Our apples are starting to look pretty promising now too and courgettes are ready to be picked. Time to harvest soon! x

  5. That palette garden idea is marvelous! Might just give it a go... :-)

  6. Your Pallet is looking fabulous, I love recycling pallets and have cabbages and cauliflower in mine this year, I leave mine rough too :) Your apples are looking superb and I'm not surprised you scoffed your courgette, they look fab. I love the Peacock butterfly,they aren't that common over here. I haven't seen a ladybird at all this year either x

  7. hi katie,
    what a good idea, you make it look so easy.
    you have my brain working would also make a screen, or it could be mounted on a wall.....endless possibilities.

  8. I love the palette garden! It must be quite heavy planted up. I'm thinking of putting one in my front garden. In London, things get swiped from front gardens all the time but this should be quite hard to move.

  9. I love your pallet planter. I keep trying to photograph the butterflies but they're too fast for me!


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