Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Stitch in Time

We started making quilts about 3 years ago and we are finally ready to (officially) share how they turned out!
Having chosen and ordered the fabric, we set to work cutting them into squares.  I think we used that book as a template.

The boy's fabric collection.

This is how long ago it was when we started.  This little guy is three and an half now! This is also why it has taken so long:-)

I will just point out that I don't know how to sew/quilt.
We used a sheet as a back because it was very hard to find a piece large enough at the time.
I tried to follow instructions for binding, but mostly we made it up.

At this point we had planned to sew around the patterns, but she couldn't wait to use it.
My boy decided that he didn't want to sew around the patterns.

We sewed round a lot of the shapes and patterns once it was all sewn together.  I'm pretty sure you are not supposed to do it this way and it was awkward.
I really like the texture that it gives the quilt, but we have accepted that we might do a little sewing here and there, but it is for using now.  Three years later!

Now here is the part of this story that I really love:
A long time ago, my mother made a book  for me, and for a course that she was on called A Stitch in Time.
(Photos taken on the quilt that my aunt made for us to celebrate our marriage.)

It's about my Grandma sewing quilts.  There are actual fabric pieces laminated in that cover.  That bottom left hand triangle was used in a dress for me and quilts, and pillow covers.

My girl also wrote about her quilt on her blog:

                                                           Totally Random Crumbs


  1. Very impressive and what wonderful pictures in the late afternoon sun! :-)

  2. what a wonderful story......something you will all treasure.

  3. Oh my word - so much fun and it looks amazing!

  4. They are wonderful, and what beautiful fabric! I love the book to accompany the quilt too, you are very lucky :)

  5. the quilts came out great and how wonderful that both of your children took part in all of it. love it!


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