Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Many Moments of Recent Delights

Playing Library

And re-sorting the shelves that I had organized the night before.  Maybe it was too contrived and organized for his liking.

A recommendation by one of the librarians;  Cinderella.
Real, old library cards given to us by my aunt.  We don't even have these inserts in our local library anymore.  They are all bar coded. 
And now you can even pay your fines on the self service machines that they encourage you to use.
So that they can phase out librarians; I think.
It's fun to beep your own books, but it also makes me very sad.
So we ask for the toilet key, and find other excuses to interact with the libarians.
We are not the only ones.
The librarian later decided that this was a clothing optional library.  The trolley is for "re stocking" the books.
All over the house.

Discovering water fountains.

Balance boarding in pjs and Havaianas, a gift from the Brazilian student staying with us.

I like this balance board as much as the kids.
Below: First walk in proper flip flops.

First time on his brothers old bike.

Found this in the garden...

Archaeological Excavations from the garden.  They had a whole process of digging up, and sending them down the gutters to the wash basin.

And watching the storm today (In England):

Reminds me of:
Too wet to go out
And too cold to play ball.
So we sat in the house 
We did nothing at all.
Dr.Seuss' Cat in the Hat

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  1. Playing library is so precious! The library cards are a nice touch!

  2. The library cards came from a library system in Virginia. The director just retired and is going to Oxford to study. He probably doesn't realize that it's his old library cards calling out to him for a reconnection ;)


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