Monday, 1 July 2013

Liquid Watercolour Love

First off:
This was AWESOME.
Liquid watercolours in water.
That is it.
A mesmerising Friday night activity.
I was amazed by these pictures a while ago and always fancied having a go myself.
View from above
We first tried this with food colouring and it was totally lack lustre and disappointing.
When we then tried it with the watercolours, we were all blown away.
The paint lingers and dances for quite some time in the water, very much like a lava lamp.

Some colours have more "presence" than others.  We found the purple to have the strongest "character".

Some of the comments from the kids:
"Looks like that book with the sea horse, by that guy..."  me: "Eric Carle?"  "YEAH!"
"Looks like Aladdin and the Genie Lamp."

This is the vase after quite a few drops of colour.  It stayed sepatated in this way for at least 15 min, until we wanted to start all over again.

The kid's took pictures as well and it was the 7year old's idea to turn the image upside down in the editing process to give it the effect of blowing upwards like smoke.

I think it would have been really great to shoot this under the studio lights, but this was shot on our kitchen table by the rapidly setting sun, so I adjusted levels, brightness and contrast in the editing process to really get the full effect.

During the editing process, I like to invert the image to "burn out" any distracting shadows.
The inverted images were electric:

This one is my favourite.  To me, it looks like a creeping, tip-toeing dragon.

The dragon on fire.

I let the kids loose on the Befunky website to edit the pictures that they took and this is what they came up with:

With the watercolour effect applied.

And for some behind the scenes of our set up:

Before we added the white beneath the vases.

just playing

We also tried the rain cloud experiment.
They loved this, but I was underwhelmed.  I think that we used too much shaving foam and too little paint, but I am rather precious about them as they came in such tiny bottles.  A little certainly does go a long way, but it's not the cheapest paint...

Love seeing the kids use the cameras.

So much fun. 
I'm hoping to get one of these printed to add to our contemporary art collection:-)
Just can't decide which one...



  1. These are SOOOOOO cool! I might need to have some playtime myself! That tip-toeing dragon is sweet! :-)

  2. Oh, my! What a great post. I can't tell how much I enjoyed this. The science, the fun, the color, that your kids were such a great part. Loved this post.

  3. How absolutely wonderful to have the kids involved in this!!! (I didn't know Eric Carle has a book about a seahorse!) Beautiful, beautiful results! {You asked about the daisy pictured in my is a variety of African daisy. Each summer, I try to find as many as I can for the pots that I plant. I think I have 5 varieties this year.)

  4. How fun -- love seeing each shape unfold. Neat idea!

  5. Oh WOW you did an amazing job with these & so did the kids. What a fun experiment and the results were fabulous. I do like the tip-toeing dragon too.

  6. great idea! my kids would love to do this. and draw faces on the App. Very creative!

  7. Love these pictures :) great idea..

    Thanks for sharing with us at welcome to the weekend blog hop :)


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