Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

How does my garden grow?
Pretty crunchy right now!
It's not all as bad as this luckily.
Vibrant yellows on the curry plant
Doing the shimmy up the pole to get a strawberry.

Trying to assess if he can let go with one hand to get one.

He did, and he ate popped it straight into his mouth.

It was an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow

The Katy apples are looking promising:-)

The pinapple, I'm not so sure, but not discouraged quite yet. There is still some green...

Most of the marigolds look ready for us to gather the seeds and be cleared out...

while a few still bloom on.

The alliums begin to dry.
I love the evening and the freshly watered wet look.

And stretch...
and a random, sweet picture of how Mary's garden grows. I love Pat in the background chasing the birds away.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Loving the random picture at the end, very cool, reminds me of the old Peter and Jane books I read as a child.
    That's impressive strawberry picking skillz, you must grow yummy strawbs ;) I'm mentally willing on the pineapple still whilst giigling at your itsy witsy teeny weeny courgettes comment.

    Gorgeous photos as always, thank you for joining in again xx

    1. Thank you for your mental willing for the pineapple:-) The book in the picture has Peter and Jane in; it's an old Ladybird one that I was looking at with the kids. I just love the pictures in their and particularly the one of the garden.

  2. haha your a funny Crunch !! yes our lawn is also crunch too. what a way to get your 5 a day into a small lad what a monkey he is

    1. Glad I'm not alone in the crunchy grass department! My boy is a monkey for sure!

  3. I love how your lawn looks like ours at the moment! Am thoroughly enjoying seeing some sunshine at the moment though! Those are some serious strawberry grabbing skills - I bet they tasted great too :)

    1. The sun is a fair trade off for the crunchy grass I must say. Just a shame it doesn't feel as nice on bare feet! Strawberries are tasting delicious. I picked one off and gobbled it up myself later on!

  4. Love the ladybird book! The picture looks familar, I probably had the same book. Love that your Son shimmy's for strawberries, that is so ace! Made me smile x

  5. Yep - that's pretty much how mine looks too.

    Loving the shimmy!

    Nina x

  6. That's an idea to keep the animals away from the strawberries! Just not the young children, though huh? How fun!

  7. pineapple!!! we have a couple growing in our garden too. i hear they take a long time to grow...

  8. Oh gosh our lawn is just as scorched :(( Never thought I would find my wanting rain!! Loving the strawberry shimmy! x

  9. I know what you mean about the grass :( we have just had s thunder storm si this might help! Love your strawberry poll what a grea idea :-)


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