Thursday, 11 July 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Beans, Beans, Musical Beans...
Back in April, we planted the seeds...
And cared for them.
The kids say: "That was a long time ago."
And it was.  The boy's still got his curls in that pic.

We watched.
And waited.
And sprayed them with water.
And soon things started to happen.

At dinner, we would place them in prime sunny positions at the table with us, and we were sure they were growing in front of our eyes.

Things got a little competitive.
We planted them in the ground, still competing, still observing.

The beans grew big, my patience thinned, so we picked them off the plant and into our mouths.

And they were good.  
But we'll leave the others a bit longer.  
We think they could have/should have gotten EVEN bigger.
Oh, and we made stop motion videos of the whole process too!

In other garden news:

The succulents are flowering pretty all over the place.
they are making a run for it.
They grow, they multiply, they spread, they stretch, they flower and then they make the drop down.
And then I find them fallen, trying to grow in another location.

I can't deny that my feelings are hurt.
What is wrong with the home that I made for them?
Don't I give them everything that they need/want?
Why are they leaving me? With empty patches that I urge to fill.
Is this empty nest symptom?
Is this what it's going to be like when my kids fly the nest?!
I make them a home and nurture them, encouraging them to grow and develop and then if all goes well, they coordinate a successful manoever to move out and move on and develop elsewhere, out from under my vigilant, overbearing eyes?!
The daily fallen.
Will we have any apples grow to their full potential this year I wonder?

Three week old succulent cuttings already multiplying.

Trapped this dangling, escaping alpine or succulent by wrapping it over a push pin on the pallet, to keep it a bit longer before it dangles to the ground.

And we are trying to grow a pineapple plant.
Good luck with that right?
Go ahead. Place your bets.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Oh my where to begin! I love that stop motion video and the photos of the beans growing...I love that things got a bit competitive...I love that you are trying to grow a pineapple plant and most of all I love that you added photos of my favourites - succulents!
    I am off now to look back through once again - just awesome photos, I am running out of descriptive words as 'lovely' just doesn't do this justice x

    Thanks for joining in again!

  2. PS. I am properly in love with your table cloth!

    1. Me too! It's hiding a table in need of some reno and it was kind of a sneaky buy- you know not consulting my husband on the colours/pattern. It's from here:
      So many patterns it was hard to choose. It's good quality and no more expensive than my local shop oilcloths of limited patterns. It's durable and wipeable and if I don't tidy up after breakfast the pattern is so busy it's hard to notice the crumbs!
      I don't work for them or anything- just super happy with it myself!

  3. I love this! Growing the bean in the jar is such a brilliant way to show how things grow, and to be able eat the final thing at the end is just the cherry on top. I love broad beans so much, yum yum.

    1. I was really pleased with how they worked in the jars. Apparently you can grow beans in cd cases as well. You could have them label the parts as well. My hubs is the broad bean fan- I hope he enjoys the season!

  4. Love the pictures of the mean getting bigger and bigger. It must have been so exciting for them.

    1. They loved it. There are some scarier videos of beans growing on youtube that freaked the little one out a bit though!

  5. Really stunning pictures! The kids must have loved watching the beans grow. Fair play to them for eating them too! If we grew pizza my kids would probably eat it ;)

    1. Thank you Sarah! They do enjoy eating things that they grow, apart from courgettes unless they are hidden in the muffins. We love pizza too....dribble, dribble.

  6. Lovely bean idea how inspiring to little ones, love your video blogging. Whats the odds on the pineapple

  7. Love the beans in the jars, love your videos, love seeing the kids pick the fruit (veg) of their labours! Great post :)

  8. Great photos. I love all the succulents :)

  9. wow!! your succulents are doing awesome! your apples look like our avocados. so many little ones on the ground every day. and the beans? sooooooo cool!! cotton, huh? gotta try

  10. Those beans are incredible and the succulents, well they are even more incredible. It really is a delight to see these pictures and see how well everything is doing. I've lost quite a few apples too.

  11. Those pictures of the beans are lovely - what a fantastic 'fork to fork' image. The succulents are beautiful. Our apples are falling too, but hoping sufficient will stay on. xx

  12. this is so lovely!! My son Wilf recently planted his first seed x

  13. Love this, Katie - particularly your broad bean project and mini film!


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