Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Free Frolicking

Exposed! Live Friday at Ashmolean.  Lomography. Waiting for instant prints to develop.
Loved hanging out in the museum after hours.  It was nice to be able to actually look at things without being rushed through by the littles tugging at my clothing.
But I'm still not sure what the big deal is about lomography.
Is it just trendy cameras that use film so that it's proper retro?
Is it a novelty for youth who may have not had a chance to use film cameras before the digital age?
Feeling old if this is the case, but curious enough to want to play and see what the deal is.
I love these instant prints, but isn't it a lot of money to spend on blurry, one off pictures?
I think I am missing something.
Loved the Elliott Bristow films and am hoping to sit down and watch them through with the Hubs soon.

Riverside Festival
Look!  It's the singer from Nairobi on the right there!
Alas, we had just missed their set when we arrived.  The boy was pretty annoyed about that.  He enjoyed seeing them last year: http://katie-randomnest.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/mooching-around-oxford.html

Riverside decorations

The Institute of Physics was there and letting the children try things out.  They are sticking a kebab stick through a balloon here.

Super awesome party trick

And I love this one with the wine bottle, marshmallows and pump.  I can't quite get my head around this one.

Clay in the crafty tent

The Dreaming Spires
I was pretty disappointed that we didn't get to see The Epstein and The Rabbit Foot Spasm band on the Saturday because the boy was unwell, but The Dreaming Spires made up for it.
And luckily, they got their set in before a downpour.

Check them out:

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