Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ants Rescue Mission

While sweeping the patio today, I moved a plant pot to discover a large and busy ant's nest. 
And we got to watch the massive rescue operation as all of the ants moved every one of the sacs to a new home.
I was blown away watching how determined they were.
They (somehow) made a quick decision to move and agreed on a location.  Only a few ants missed the memo and tried to take the sacs in the opposite direction to the others but I think they eventually found their way to the others.
They moved every, single sac in less than one hour.
The start.
Pictures don't do it justice. This thing was swarming with ants.  
(If you are easily entertained like us, you can check out the videos at the end of the post.)

Over the Hill using teamwork.
Some would pull from the top while the others heaved from below.

Lone ant with sac.  I loved that they are so small, but make shadows in the sunset.
The amount begins to dwindle as the majority of ants make their way to the border (left)

Although they struggled with these that were stuck in a wet crack, they managed to move even these sacs.

The last few sacs on make their way to their new lodgings.

The new home.

So I had a zillion things that I needed to be doing and I was a little bit concerned when the Hubby came home to find me distracted by the ants.  
But when I confessed to the Hubby that I may have been procrastinating again, he was totally into it to and pointed out that we don't get to see this kind of thing very often and that if he had been there at the start, he probably would have set up some kind of filming event too.
And anyway, my three year old has to stop to check the ant hills in the road everyday to and from school, so this was great for them to see.
Here is a iffy video I took near to the beginning:

And then Handy Hubby came home and did some more "proper" filming.  I added the music and stuff.

Gosh we are geeky.

All I can say is that my life is pretty plain
I like watching the puddles gather rain.
Blind Melon

It's so nice to stop, slow down and just watch sometimes.
Hoping you saw something good this weekend too!


  1. Completely crazy! Maybe we should employ ants when we move house?!

  2. I am astounded by the ant as a whole and it's tenacity to perform the largest of tasks. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Not at all - it's perfect wonderful isn't it...watching nature and the way she goes about things. I simply love it - I guess that makes me geeky too :)

    Nina x


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