Monday, 10 June 2013

London Daisies

Lonely Lovers on The Tower Bridge

Trying to see if the bathrooms really are visible.

More lonely lovers


Remember the daisies from my last post?
The people at the pub reminded me of the daisies.

My boy's creation/installation at the Tate

Looks like our garden with my pallet collection, leftover building work bits and bobs and other random bits.

Love the pink on green in the Westminster Abbey Gardens

I spy with my little eye, a lovely tray of succulents.

These beauties reminded me of lovely little old ladies with sporadic chin whiskers.  Look closely:-)

D is for: My Delighted Dogs are Barking.


  1. so much contrast.....abstract images.....colours & much beauty!
    did you have time to eat or drink?

    1. London has so many contrasts-new and super old all jumbled up together. It's amazingly eclectic. On sat, we stopped in an Italian on the way to learn about Romans in London. The kids had spaghetti with meatballs, I had eggs on toast and coffee:-) Sat night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for crispy duck, spring rolls, seaweed and a tofu dish that my mum ordered and I actually liked! (I hated tofu when I was a kid) then late night oreo cookie stash. Sat morning I had my first eggs florentine. Wow. It was very good, but very rich. The older boy had a full on brekkie while the others had pain au chocolate. It was surprisingly difficult to find somewhere to eat on Sunday for the Hubster, maybe we were in the business district and all the cafes were closed, but we ended up stopping at the "golden arches" at a rest stop on the way home. It should be veggies all week now to recover! I could have written a whole post on that one:-)

  2. London is my old home town (Barking was just down the road!) and I have fallen for your photos of a different view of the place. I love the locks and will look out for them next time I am there. There are always little remnants of the War if you look carefully enough and you have captured them beautifully. xx

    1. We actually "stumbled" upon the shelter signs while we were making a detour to see Big Ben and trying to avoid a demonstration near Westminster. I was so intrigued. Also learned about the marks along the side of the Tate Britain were scars from the war. The kids and my mum met up with a man and his dogs in the park who told them all about it. This led to a long session on the internet later that night to learn more. It's shocking to read about what London went through and how much still survives. The Tate website also has some interesting articles about how they protected the works!

  3. I love the contrasts you find in London. I often go there for work and I'm walking along with the crowd and then I look up and see intricate carvings on an old building between the modern towers. I've never thought about taking photographs, but your post may just tempt me ...


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