Monday, 24 June 2013

Hugo Obsession

No, not some new parfum by Hugo Boss.
Hugo Cabret.
He is the boss.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
All four of us read it in one weekend.
The one copy that we had reserved at the library was passed from hand to hand to hand.
I think it was the most pleasurable "reading" experience I have ever had.
The act of turning the pages and the combination of story and illustration was a totally engaging and personal experience, but one that we could all share.

There are a zillion and one different levels to this book.
We chose to "engage" or enhance the story with these activities:

Making clocks from kits

Clocks and Cogs

Flip Books and exploring how they are similar to early films.

Trying out the flip books on post it notes.

Cogs and Automatons

Looking at cogs in our solar powered window crystal.

Looking at film cameras similar to what Georges Melies would have used at The History of Science Museum.
We waited a while after reading the book before we watched the Dvd.  I wanted to linger on it as long as possible, in case the movie didn't live up to our hopes.  We liked the movie, but I was pleased that we had read it first.  We also went through the effort of researching bits from the story for ourselves.  We were so curious. I think that the best part about the movie were the clips portraying George Melies at work. The extras on the Dvd also has fantastic background information and clips about Georges Melies films.

Drawing scenes from A Trip to the Moon

and The Invention of Hugo Cabret

My mother got this box from a market many years ago now.  It used to sit on our coffee table and I would rummage through it every now and then; intrigued.
She has now passed it on to us.  
Perfect timing!

And then we watched A Trip to the Moon together.
                           I was a bit concerned if it would be too old fashioned, a bit slow and that the kids would find it boring and that it would be a let-down, but it's only ten minutes and really well done. (Obviously, I know.  It's a classic. But I also know that in an age of special effects, total action and short attention spans, it gets harder to fully appreciate the longer, drawn out and simpler films of the past.) I prefer this version with the music to the silent videos with color.

Even Peppa Pig's been inspired by the classic:
                                                                     And a makeup tutorial:
                                                                     Remember this?
                                                                          I miss Mtv.
                                                                          Real Mtv.
                                    Totally, kind of off track here, but I do want my Mtv back.

Even the real moon decided to join in the obsession and come to see us for a close up.

I know that we were a few years behind the Hugo sensation, but it's a totally classic and will be a forever favorite with us.

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