Thursday, 27 June 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It started with a friend's bathroom renovations.
I couldn't bear seeing these bits of lino in the skip and so I rescued them and had them hanging about for a few months before I decided what I could do with them.

There are a few cracks and tears.  But such a funky pattern.
The ever popular pallet.

I didn't do any sanding. Just sawed off a few stragglers and then stapled gunned the lino onto the back. 
Cut off the overhang and then nailed a couple more planks onto the back.

It took a few weeks, but the Handy Man finally helped me hang her up.

I love my garden nicknack shelf.
Wonky, rough and funky.
Daisy type alpines closed up for the night.

And now for the weekly jaunt about the garden to check on everything else:
(I am loving participating in Mammasaurus' linky: How Does Your Garden Grow?  Fantastic snooping grounds if you fancy nosing about other people's gardens!)
Come on courgette.  You are lagging behind!

Sleepy Evening Osterospermums.

The first California Poppy appears.  Sleeping for the night.

The flowers on the chives are starting to weigh down and dry out.

Reminds me of Horton Hears a Who

A ripe and ready strawberry.  Do I eat it?
Or risk leaving it over night and hoping that one of the kiddies can have it?
I left it.
Fingers crossed.

The abandoned doll's house sits under the hedge.
A real bug hotel.

The polished looking Fatsia.
Nothing in my house is this shiny.

A bed of ferns is surely much better than a bed of roses...

And then back to fiddle with bits on the "new" shelf.

It seems to be turning into a kitchen type planter where you can see all the stuff that we eat that comes out of a tin.
But they do fit the smaller plants in and sit on the ledges nicely.

Handy Hubby getting Handy with the Magic Markers.
This is supposedly me, happy in my garden. 
He's got the alliums in there, and supposedly bamboo, and the pallet planter.
Top Marks Hubby.

We also opened a garden centre this week:



  1. How fantastic are those shelves, that is really brilliant. What a clever idea and shows off your plants fantastically :)

  2. look at you!! the shelf looks great and you totally upcycled! the garden is coming along too

  3. I love the pallet and lino transformation - and the pot noodle plant pot - genius that looks so good!
    Great idea for a bug hotel too - I may put Kittys old one to good use now!

    Thanks for sharing - I love what you have done there so much x

  4. that is such a cute project and i love that you recycled and made something unique and cool

  5. Fab idea - I LOVE this! Recycle, reuse don't to a T!

  6. Adore your nicknack shelf. Want one!! Lovely pics :)

  7. Love, love, love it! What a great idea for pallet shelves.

  8. Arr so sweet, love the flowers in the tins, great idea,,,I need to grow some strawberries :)

  9. The pallet shelf is brilliant :)

  10. how clever are you? !!!! i love it.

  11. very creative! We have a few bug hotels here, TC loves saying hi to them all!

  12. Love the shelf and the idea of a bug hotel too.

  13. You've been a busy bean, what a wonderful idea. Great effect. I'd leave the strawberry too :)

  14. That's such an amazing idea. I love it!

  15. The lino is lovely and so you. I thought at first it was to become a wet backyard slippy slide until I kept reading. Better and perfect for the tins and whatnots!

  16. Aaah I wish I'd seen this before I gave away my vinyl wallpaper! Gorgeous post, and such a good idea.


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