Thursday, 20 June 2013

How Does your Garden Grow?

Osteospermum from the in-laws.
(Name dropping!)

The chaotic border continues.

Remember the daisies from last year?
They are flourishing next to the mud pit.

Ivy in my old wellies.  Needs a bit of t.l.c, but doing well for being neglected.

Placing bets on how many apples survive the dog who tends to think they are balls growing on trees.
Grown just for her to play with.
It's quite amusing really.  She jumps high, grabs one off and then gets told off and then abandons in guilt.  Usually with one bite taken out.

And now.  Shhhhhhh.... I'm taking you inside the SECRET MEETING PLACE.
Probably the coolest place in the garden if you don't mind a bit of tree sap, bits in your hair and that sort of stuff.
Don't tell anyone I showed you.
I'll be in trouble.
Let's just say the snooping was for maintenance purposes only.
I don't come to hang out in here when the kids are in school...
The Entry

Someone's been decorating!
The accidental peep hole.
Abuse of branches lacking in strength.

Hahahahah!  No one will know it's there now they've put the sign up!

The worn foothold

They climb up these.  I don't like to think too much about this. I've put them off for now because of nesting birds, but it won't be long until I'm seeing their heads poking out the top of the massive hedge I am sure.

It is an ideal place for snooping.

Mow Much?
The obligatory grass maze patches on cutting day.

The poppies popped overnight!

Making friends with the woodlouse.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. These photos are so pretty, from the delicate flowers to the exploring photos.

    How great that they ahve the chance to explore, climb and just have fun 'being kids'.

    That secret meeting place sign is indeed VERY low key ;)

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing. Now can I come to play please? *does secret handshake*

    1. Absolutely come and play. I'll put the wine in to chill and the fairy lights up in the secret meeting place for an after hours party. (from 8:30pm when the littles should be fast asleep and we won't get caught!)

  2. What are the yellow flowers in the first picture they a rather nice. D your little one look and find any four leaf clovers in that clover patch? I had to look twice at that leg hanging down from the tree it did make me laugh

    1. I'm keeping the searching for four leaf clover thing up my sleeve for in case one of them actually claims to be bored! I had thought the light yellow flowers were a different type of marigold because their shapes were similar, but now I'm not sure. The kids planted some stuff from wild flower mix last year, so I can't say.

  3. What gorgeous pictures and what a gorgeous garden you have. I love the secret meeting place and would have to gate crash in there :)

    1. Thank you Nichola! Arranging after hours party in the Secret Meeting Place. Please do gate crash. I'm sure we can fit loads in there. Especially if you don't mind climbing, we could do the VonTrapp family thing where they are all on their own tree singing away on the avenue!

  4. Love the secret place! Bet that is such an adventure for the children. The leg hanging from the tree made me chuckle. Great post x

    1. Totally an adventure for the children. I'm not a fan of the leylandii hedges, but it does make for a nice makeshift mini-forest for the kiddies!

  5. The secret meeting place is brilliant! Your kids must have loads of fun in your garden :)

  6. That penultimate photo is beautiful - and as for the secret meeting place, I will not tell a soul, if you tell me how to get in!

    1. Arranging after hours secret meeting party:-)

  7. Lovely photos & interesting garden! I had nigella in the garden last year but none made a reappearance this year.

    1. I'll make a note to collect some of the nigella seeds this year just in case!

  8. Another detail that I discovered last night: If you look at the shot of the entry way to the secret meeting place, there is a metal pole with a stick in it. I went to take this out last night because the toddlers were playing in there, sitting on the top and it was at eye level. As I pulled the very long stick out, it was all wet and muddy on the end. My older kids giggled and told me that it was their INKWELL. How cool is that?!


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