Thursday, 13 June 2013

How Does your Garden Grow?

The Butterfly Lavender is quite lush at the moment.  A couple of months ago, I challenged the kids to remove all of the old stuff from last year and collect for making lavender bags.  The bits have come up great and these plants stand a good bit of neglect.  They are usually the ones that don't get watered until the mother in law reminds me.  I always think lavender is hardy enough to deal with it, but it (usually) is pretty hot out the front and being in pots, they need an occasional drink.

The alliums are popping out! But we lost one head in the winds:-(

The chives...

More alliums. 

A little bit chaotic.
These marigolds re-seeded themselves from last year, and I then planted in the curry plant on top.  Sometimes I like this chaos, sometimes I don't.
But that is true for a lot of things.
When the marigolds are done, I will gather the curry back in to itself and maybe lightly tie it together as it's been over spread and will have bare patches once the flowers go.

Love in a Mist.
My first encounter with these flowers was from plant paper given as gifts at a friend's wedding over eight years ago.  We planted the first ones at our other house, but these will always remind me of them.

Again, these must have re-seeded themselves from last year.  
I find that so impressive.

Poppies from our neighbour's seeds.

Lots of baby strawberries.

I hope that we have more than one edible strawberry this year!

I think I planted this rose last year, but it didn't do anything.  I noticed this today.  I thought it was supposed to have white flowers, but who knows!  I thought the buds looked quite nice framed and entwined with the weed.

The kid's beans.
I hope they have some real beans before the dog does!
They started here:

My twisted willow is actually as tall as I am now.

Despite the dog snapping it in half.  I think that was only a year ago?! I then tried to cellotape it back together and was told that would not work.
It didn't. But it did shoot out again from a lower bud.

I'm happy to see how thick the trunk is!

Are they weeds? I don't know. But I like them.

I love how obviously happy the fatsia is about finally settling down and making some roots in the ground.  He's been in a pot for a long time.  Those three top leaves are his celebration leaves on top of the older, sadder ones.

The sadder leaves annoy me, but they are not ready to be pulled off yet.  It's so satisfying when they are.

The pallet planter.
I mentioned the other week that it needed some tweaking.
Not all of the succulents survived.
I don't know if that was because of the cold, or lack of water.
Because honestly, this thing is, it's hard to keep this planter's soil moist.
I know that some people remove theirs once a year for a good soaking. 
But I can't be bothered, and more importantly, Handy Hubby can't be bothered!
If I had known, I think I would have planted it all with the alpines.  They have done so well and I love the fuchsia-coloured flowers.
ANYWAY, I trimmed one monster, you can see on the left, first row.  It was so long, that it blocked a lot of the others.
I have since planted in some succulents in the empty spaces of the departed ones.
However, I last year, I learnt that succulents like to multiply.  And then we had an issue with overcrowding.

Like so.
It was difficult for me not to fill all of the gaps, but I withheld.
Some of the succulents just sat on the ledge and stuck their root in.
Others were too heavy and kept falling out. 
So I did this:
Twisted a bit of wire round the root...

Then poked it in.  This has now held for two weeks.
I think this would be another reason to remove the pallet from the wall to replant.  But they you would have to wait a few weeks for them to root before rehanging.
I prefer this solution.
Note SUPER DRY soil.
This happens.  
Usually, I fill a big watering can and water from the top and then spray the front lightly with hose.
There is a small amount of soil loss when doing this, but nothing significant.
The soil that can be seen here on the stones is from when I removed a dead one.

Anyway, it's not perfect, but I love it and it's a work in progress and a good learning experience.
Looking back at the planter last June, I'm thinking it probably could do with some time off the wall, a good soaking and replanting...
(pic was taken before watering)

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. Fantastic garden.

    I love your pallet planter and I think I have the perfect place for one. The plant you thought might be a weed is aquilegia, and it will probably self seed all over the place.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Fox:-) That looks kind of tricky to say, but I do like knowing what things are called. (mostly so I can try to impress my in-laws!)

  2. The pallet planter is brilliant :)
    I planted some love in a mist seeds earlier this year and after seeing your photos I'm super excited for them to flower, they're gorgeous!

    1. They just keep coming and coming. They are awesome! I think it's a funny name for them. The stems are pretty misty looking, but the flowers are so intricate and funky. Maybe that is like love...

  3. Seriously luxy photography here! LOVE! I agree about the pallet planter, it's incredible, I've never seen that before.. very cool :) Beautiful garden, well done x

  4. I am licking the screen your photos look so good! Just fabulous - that planter is great, I'm off to go and read more about it now.

    Love in the Midst reminds me of being a child, walking to school. Funny how plants can take you right back years ago isn't it?

    Thank you so much for joining in - it's been wonderful seeing these x

  5. PS! Love that photo where you can see the bee flying by in the background!

  6. You have a really beautiful garden! I personally enjoy a bit of chaos in the garden. Amazing photos...I want to be there like now!

  7. Came via mammasaurus and glad I did! Love the pallet planter and am going to use my pallet on allotment similarly! ! Fab photos. Will be back x

  8. I dont know where to start here, I love love all of it. The pallet planter is fabulous. The nigella pictures are lovely, the flowers are so delicate it is amazing they survive through rain. Great photos.

    1. Not only do they survive the rain, but they also survive the kids and dog! That border is where the dog goes on patrol around the perimeter. I am gobsmacked that anything survives in there!

  9. Wow, the colours in your garden are amazing! Especially love the pallet. Never seen one in a real garden, only on pinterest.

  10. love your pallet planter what a creative idea, and wow your french lavender is out already im still waiting for my lavender to put on a show of force, brilliant pics

  11. we have a lot of reseeds here too but a lot further behind yours. I've taken up all my French Lavender, it never does well here but the other Lavender make up for it. I love those Alliums, so pretty!

  12. Hi Katie ,thanks for visiting my blog. Love yours and I'm really jealous about the VW campervan!

    1. Thank you! Love the VW, just wish it was ready for camping in!

  13. You have an amazing garden! Love how you use the pallet planter! Gorgeous!

  14. I love your planter - what a fabulous idea and I am going to definitely look into one of those. I adore the Love in a Mist and the Alllium too. Lavender is always buzzing with busy bees here at the moment. x

  15. I love how easily the marigolds reseed themselves. I get more & more each year pop up in my front garden, they always make me smile. Love the baked bean planter x


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