Wednesday, 12 June 2013


This little guy is the only survivor of three air plants that I got about a year ago with the intention of making a large scale air plant wall thing with pallets and nails.
He has drifted about, been neglected yet admired. 
I finally came across this little ceramic piece to hold him in.  I think this piece came to our collection on a smash and create mosaic-based ladies craft night that we had hosted a while ago.
I think that it displays his goofy hair style perfectly.

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  1. oh he is great!! i have a few air plants that i have taken from the trees on the side walk in front of our house. i need to get a small bottle to spritz them with.

  2. ooo now I know not of the air plant but this little fella looks very cool - almost Einstienesque !

    1. Very trendy they are.
      Check these beauties out! My aunt introduced this company to me.


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