Saturday, 22 June 2013

Beans and Bikes

I popped into the village the other day to pick up some beans for a Cowboy Casserole. (Yum)
Passed by the charity shop and saw a couple of old clunkers out the front.
I loved the one with the basket and it was only £5!!!
I am trying to de-clutter, and not be such a hoarder.
So I told myself to go and get the beans, and if it was still there when I got back, then I could get it.
It was still there but being eyed up, so I nearly ran in waving my £5 pound note at the lady by the till, while feeling anxious and extremely guilty.  About hoarding.
But also totally buzzing on a bargain.
As I was struggling to get her into the back of the car, a kind lady came to help even though it was all dirty and rusty and commented on the £5 price label.
"Oh, you've got a bargain there!" she commented.
"Thank you!" I said relieved and feeling justified at my whimsical purchase.
Looking back though, I'm wondering if maybe she was being sarcastic...
Nevermind.  It's jolly good fun.  I was thinking that I could plant the basket up with succulents in the garden, but it actually works really well and we all had a jaunt around the garden.

Look at that face! I think it's just paid for itself.
It's a sign. The four leaf clover.

You had me at Five Pounds.

Ok, she might need some repair work.

See where I'm going with this? 

It even came with tire pump and rain jacket!!!

With added bounce!

The very, very best bit is the TRING!TRING!

Trying it out with the sad looking Osteospermums that I "rescued" from Aldi yesterday.
I think she is too good to sit outside though and I want to bring her in and decorate her with plants AND lights like my Aunt did:

I also blame Slugs on the Refrigerator for the inspiration:
But she at least has the excuse of using them for props...
And now for some jolly good biking songs to celebrate!

It does not get much better than this.
Sexy in my Helmet!
This playlist is pretty good!

"I like to ride my bike, but sometimes it squeaks.  I need WD 40!"
I had one of them.  Squeaked so noisy over the cobblestones of Antwerp and was always getting flat tires.
Total Gems in there like this one:

 But I would add this one:

And this one of course, epecially the tring, tring part!
And Finally, Big Congratulations to Mammasaurus and Mama Syder and all the winners for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards!
I am not very on top of things over at Brit Mums, but I was planning to watch the live stream thinking that it would be on Saturday night. Oops.  Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.
I'll be daring myself to ride my five pound bike to the Fete later, or maybe just push it along.  That's fun too!


  1. great post katie!....i just love your enthusiasm. you will get your money's worth over & over with this bike.

  2. Thanks so much Katie, I'm still in total shock but very happy.

    What an amazing bargain! I have been on the lookout for an old bike with basket for months to use as decoration in my front garden. You really did have a lucky find there. Its fab! xxx


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