Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Good Man and a Half Donkeyed Tutorial

On Father's Day, this happened:
No, that is not my children's father drinking coffee from a mega long straw while flat out on the sofa.
That is me.
Drinking coffee from a super long straw made by my super handy hubby, so that I didn't have to lift my head.
Pathetic. I know.
But it happened. 
I had burned the candle at both ends,
broke a circuit, 
bit off more than I could chew.. 
and I just was plum tuckered out.
I am sad and ashamed that it happened on Father's Day.  
But I am not super woman.
And it happens.
And after spending most of the day blinking blankly and napping with a movie on for the kids, I felt ok (ish) again.
Sometimes I just need one of these kind of days:
A possible reason for my tiredness could be because when I get an idea into my head, I feel that I just have to do it.  (This is mostly because of a fear of being someone who just talks about doing stuff. But that is a whole other issue) So anyway, I got into my head that we needed miles and miles of bunting for the school fete that I was a part of organizing.  And I spent late night making this:
I thought it was jolly good, making use of handed-down, ripped net curtains, and ribbons from our wedding gifts. 
I thought it was a different and sweet take on bunting.
I thought they were kind of like these in that see-through pattern type of way:

Until my good man informed me that it looked like someone had hung their lacy panties out on the wash line.

ooo laa laa.

It does.  
Nothing like a good man to keep his lady's head out of the dreamy bunting decked clouds!

Before you feel too sorry for the Handy Hubby on Father's Day, I would like to point out that we did give him cards and a bar of chocolate AND we made him a gift.
Yes. Made.
He must have seen it coming.
Uh. What?
Actually. I was pleased that he knew it was a sound wave.
He is a geek and I thought a geek pressie would suit him.
I get annoyed with all the stuff that comes out around Father's Day.
Ties, shaving paraphernalia, golf stuff...
My man does not particularly enjoy tie-wearing occasions, so why would we celebrate that?
Shaving is not a particular highlight of being a Father either for him either. You wouldn't give your Mum shaving equipment on Mother's Day right? It's kind of weird and insulting.
But then I saw these were trending:
Personalised Your Voice Sound Wave Print
"Perfect for the Geeky Dad!"
I thought.
"We can MAKE our own!"
So I downloaded the WAVEPAD app.
Got the kids to record a message. 
(This took a few takes)
Took a screen shot.
Sent it to myself via email. (Dropbox is too complex)
Printed it.
Projected it.
Traced it onto canvas.
Being careful to be super careful because I knew that Handy Hubby would inspect it carefully.
This was harder than I thought.

I traced with my sewing chalk pencil, thinking it would rub out easier? I quite like it just like this. Reminded me of Ikat patterns.

I used this pink, because I had got it for another project to set off this green.  And the hubby likes green.
Not particularly the pink, but he can handle it.

And then I did this.
Late at night. 
And I didn't like it. 
So I gave up and went to bed.
Next day, I came down and decided that it wasn't so bad, but that I liked it without the green being filled in, so I did that bit over in pink again to keep the outline.
And this worked, for the most part.
But I wanted then to go over the whole thing to make it match up, and ran out of time and had to give it that day.
Then Hubby decided that he wanted the wave to be all green.
So this is the final product:
A painting inspired by a sound wave of a secret message from his kiddies.
(Note Inspired by.  I can't claim this to be accurate)
For actual accurate soundwave art go here:
or here:
I think he likes it. He has suggested a whole row of them at the top of the wall...
I think I might play with a few variations like
-Making someone a sound wave picture, telling them it says one thing, but actually it says something completely different. Who would know?  Wicked Fun.
-Fragments of songs as quotes- instead of word art
-I thought this would look quite nice burning the pattern onto wood... 
-or photocopied and enlarged 

Handy Hubby would appreciate me pointing out that he is wearing this very grubby jumper because he was taking advantage of me being under-eager and lethargic (for once) to work on the campervan.  This is his work top.
He may also take requests and make a tutorial for the Most Excellent Super Long Coffee Drinking Straw.


  1. Great Straw! Haha, I love it! Love your crafts too, especially your Hubby's gift, its fab! What a unique pressie x

  2. What a cool idea, and I love that there is a secret message!

  3. Hi. It's Gemma here from Owlish Grey (I'm the creator of the sound wave print on notonthehighstreet). I just wanted to say that I love that you ran with this idea and created your own and personally think it turned out amazing :)


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