Monday, 27 May 2013

The Sealed Knot Society

Blenheim Palace
This was the first battle re-enactment that I have ever been to and I was fascinated.  

I think the best part for me was the complete devotion of all the people involved.  It's a great people watching event.  I kept telling myself off for staring, but then realizing that they probably don't mind and would appreciate being appreciated for their costumes.
I found the families and the kids particularly amazing.  Everyone was dressed up and seemed to be enjoying life outdoors-cooking, playing, knitting....

And the cannons and gunfire were pretty awesome too!

And don't get me started on the stunning horses.

I am guessing these guys have a great weekend hanging out together.  Apparently there were 500 that turned up for each side.  The camp looked huge and happening.

And then the best part:

I can't believe I missed this bit!  I stepped back with the little man who was finding the "smells" a bit overwhelming.

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