Friday, 10 May 2013

Sugar Coated Ten on Ten

"Are you for real?"
I don't know if there really are more birds hanging out in the garden now, or if I'm just noticing them more since we've been feeding them.  Either way, I'm enjoying keeping an eye out for them. 
It's especially satisfying to see them eating the food that we've put out.  Like when you cook a meal for the family and no one complains and everyone wolfs it down and you feel like a good mama.

It always amuses me where we find the dog has been sleeping.  She drags her bed round and gets it all messed up.  It looks like she and the dinosaurs partied hard last night.
When she puts her front paw like that, she is doing her impression of Little Britain's Emily Howard.
"I'm a Laaaydee!"
On his days off from playgroup; the little guy likes to hang out with Dad and talk  campervans while I do the school run.
He then sets us with our morning challenge of blocking up this doorway with the blocks.
And then of course knocking them all down.
Story time on the bed in the front room.
It's a sofa bed/futon thing that we never got round to putting back as a sofa.  I quite like having a bed in the front room.  Today, we surrounded ourselves by books and he called it "the book nest".
It's always good when the baby plants start to unfurl. 
Especially when the odds were against them. 
The chili peppers make an appearance.
Cuddles with "his doggie."

It was a good day. 
For the most part.  

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  1. Gorgeous images, love all the real life shots. And those curls!! Adorable.


  2. Great pics! Love the cuddling dog one -- stopping by from Ten on Ten!!

  3. hi katie,
    love the dog's pose!

  4. Oh my goodness your pup with the dinosaurs is hilarious. We come home to our dog lying like that on the couch, he looks at us over his chest with an expression like, "What?" Very nice set.

  5. Love that your dog drags his bed around!

    Lovely blue tit shot. :)

  6. Cute dog! It's always dangerous partying with dinosaurs.

  7. #4 is one of my favorites for this month. I have highlighted it in a post on my blog and included a link back to your whole set.

    Thanks for sharing these photos, they are great.


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