Wednesday, 1 May 2013


 It is self portrait week over at Sticky Fingers Blog.
Challenge accepted. And it is a challenge.  But why is it such a challenge for some of us to accept pictures of ourselves, while others make a hobby of shooting selfies everyday?
Is it a generation thing?  Did I miss that class on How To Like Pictures of Yourself, or How to Pose so that You Look Ok in Pictures?
Seriously missed those lessons.
Anyway- I had a lightbulb moment and thought that I would be really clever and arty-farty.
The other day I was having so much fun playing with the Brownie Camera:
I reckon I was born nostalgic, (for nothing and everything in particular) so a picture of myself, through the vintage brownie cam, would be a pretty good representation of myself.
 So here I am, Happily trapped in whimsical nostalgia.
Technically, it is not a self portrait.  But I was the artistic director (sort of) in terms of: Dear Husband, I'm sure you have no better things to do than to take pictures of your wife through an old camera. 
The other great thing about this is that you can't see the details too well, and neither can I.
So that is also a good representation of myself.
From my own image.
The kids told me they could see me when I was taking their pictures with the Brownie, but I didn't think it was this clear!
There's my man!
And here are some more pics from the Brownie cam:

My favourite shot of my little lady wearing my favourite outfit of hers.

All posed nicely, gazing into the distance happily. 
In pyjamas.
On a Saturday afternoon.
This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

And throwing this one in there too, because I love it.
So there is my self portrait and then some.



  1. what a wonderful take on the theme - i lov that you used that camera to capture you and your childrens selfies x

  2. Oh how lovely, gorgeous photos.

  3. What a stunning idea - I love all your photo's xx

  4. i really love this post, i like the pictures within a camera i love the concept x

  5. Love the take on this theme - some really brilliant little shots there, of shots! :)

  6. Great take on the theme. I love your Brownie x

  7. I've often wondered about getting an old camera.It's so easy to snap away on a digital camera or phone and forget how photos were so hard to take.

    1. I love your self portrait today! I couldn't figure out how to comment though! It's worth picking up some old cameras if you can find them even if just to explore the old mechanisms. Fascinating for me and the kids. Shame the film and processing is so pricey and difficult.

  8. I love your "Arty-farty" take on the theme, gorgeous pictures!

    1. Thank you! And I loved yours too!

  9. They have come out brilliantly, I love how they look vintage

  10. beautiful take on the theme xxx


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