Friday, 24 May 2013

Recent Booty

Some of our recent mega bargains:
A friend for Ahhhmelia

lots of cars and trucks all for 50p

2 hand towels= 50p

And because older toy cars are super cool toy cars and just because...
does anyone want a canvas photo print of Handy Hubby's old caravan/car combi toy?
I like the one that we have in the boy's room so much that I had another one made, but not quite sure what I was thinking I would do with it.
Canvas is printed by Photobox, and is approximately 1ft by 8.3 inches. 
I say approximately, because measure-shmeasure.
If you fancy it, leave a message on this post, then if there are (any) enough comments, we will do things old school style and pull a name out of a hat.
No raffle helicopters this time.
On Tuesday 28th May.
You must be able to provide email address, postal address and all that small print stuff.
Let's hope this weather improves for real-life camping!
Happy Trails!

More of the super cool toy cars:
when the pic was taken:


  1. I like it. I will comment and hope that for my sake no one comments like the last time and I win again. but for you that would not be so great so I hope that you get more comments cause I think this is great fun and other people must think so too.

  2. Fantastic, retro finds! I love them all! I would love to be put in the hat for that fabulous canvas! Thankyou x

    1. It's yours Mama Syder:-) Thank you for joining in!

  3. Great finds - I had a doll like that! ;)


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