Thursday, 2 May 2013

Oxford Love Letters and a Pop Up Shop

 Oh I do love a good old, rusty sign, and Oxford has got loads of them.
For now.
A few months ago, I went on a bit of a letter collecting frenzy from the older signs of Oxford.

This was my favourite.
Five Smile Drive.
I did a drive by here especially for the letter "V" and it really did make me smile.
Although I wanted as many letters as possible, I wanted to print the individual letters onto postcards and have the letters of every child's name, my own children and the child-minded children.
At the time I had completed this, but now I've got more children coming, so I need to save my pennies for some more postcards, and search for more letters...
I think the "J" might be a tricky one. 
But I believe there is a "Jeune" street somewhere. Rings a bell...

I have noticed that they are either refreshing some of these old signs, or making new ones in the same raised letter style and white against black.
I wish all the roads had these style signs though.
Many are much blander then these.
While I'm pleased to see some of these signs being looked after, I must admit that I prefer them covered in rust and lichen.

The postcards arrive:

Hellow Peple!
While you're here, come and have a look inside our Drool Lane Shop!
And snoop inside the contents of our recycling bin.
(Our blue bin was ignored last week and is overflowing, so this is making good use of all the bits for a fortnight)

Locking up shop.
Yes.  That is a big, read bus in our kitchen.  
It is great.
A friend rescued it from a bonfire and brought it to us.
It is big, and awkward. But awesome.
It is has been a campervan, ice cream van, and bus so far.
Back to the shop for some Chirios.
It's a great local. So far there is a medical centre, and cafe in the shop as well as a friendly bag packing service.
The shop keeper is pretty cute too.

Fyi: For the postcards I used  I like them because they are sturdy and you can have alternative images in the packs of postcards.
(And no, this isn't a sponsored post.  But if you did use the referral above then I get some credit!)

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