Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'm loving this right now.  
It's lasted pretty well, but constantly raining blossoms like wedding confetti.

After a few years waiting, I have finally planted in my acers and ferns and they are thriving.
About six years ago, I brought home two baby acers.  They were twig like and I'm quite proud that they have grown into lovely young adults (survived my rearing skills) and that they have finally found a home in the ground.
I was waiting to know that we were planning on sticking around somewhere for a while, so that they didn't get left behind anywhere.
Once we found this place, I waited a couple of years for drain issues to be sorted; as the ground would need to be dug up in the perfect acer spot.
And now they are in!  
And it is really feeling like home. 

We picked up these metal pieces when we were in Antwerp.  I think they are old pavement coverings for the sunken windows of cellars?

Partial of the pallet planter that has done pretty well over the winter, but needs some tweaking and rearranging.

Some of the alliums are tantalisingly peeking out from their garments, 

while others stay firm within for as long as they can.

There are lots of these in our garden too.

The Amazing Indian Takeaway Plant.
Just love it.
Great for curious mini sniffers.
I know I have gone on about it before!

Little man shows me his favourite flower in the garden,

and has been busy digging holes.
His lady friend brings him cups of tea and cake for his breaks.  He's waiting for that cake she promised, but at the same time, he knows it's not for real.
He usually digs for a bit, finds a worm and squeals a bit.

I didn't plant these, so I like to imagine that they were planted by the lovely lady who lived in our home a few owners back.

So mega hardy and amazing, this fuzzy guy wasn't bothered by frost or snow and has been outside with no fuss all winter.
Durable Plants are Good Plants in my book.

Scattered blossoms that get up the dog's nose and eyelashes (and in our hair) as they fall.
These are a few of my favourite things.

Abandoned plastic paraphernalia is to be found everywhere in this garden.

The Pallet Collection.

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  1. blossom trees are beautiful.....those rusty things look amazing!

  2. Gorgeous photos, especially the blossom ones :)

  3. I love the blossom, pretty when on the tree and great for little hands to pick up when on the ground. That fern looks amazing next to the ironwork, really striking.
    Reassuring to see that it's not just my garden that has it's share of dandelions!
    Thanks for join in and linking up x

    1. Thanks for running the linky! Great idea:-) There are weeds a plenty in our garden. A lot of the time it is because I can't tell if it's a weed or a flower coming up because the kids plant seeds everywhere.
      Previous wars with weeds:

  4. Beautiful photos. Your garden looks so lovely x

  5. what a lovely yard you have!! i'm drooling over your pallet planter with those beautiful little succulents.

  6. Love those metal structures, they are brilliant. We are doing a pallet planter so seeing yours is really useful. Gorgeous garden x


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