Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Happy Trails

Mama Syder, the Happy Trails canvas is yours!  
Thank you Angie and Mama Syder for joining in:-)
And some other recently random fun stuff:
Fish and water in the Ikea table. Light underneath.

The light reminds me of a submarine or something.

The other day when it was sunny.
I love this stuff. 

Loo Rolls and paper towels rolls covered in duck tape and magnetted to the fridge.
Cheerios go down this really well like a toddler feeding zone.
But that is probably not a good idea since a few of these items spent a while in bathrooms.

So then we tested other bits and bobs to see what went down the best.

Rows of houses initiated by the kids.  I love that I was allocated an even number house to decorate.

Dinner is served.
Red Lentil Curry with Rice.
Good with this:
If you like it spicy... 

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