Friday, 17 May 2013

"Downton Village"

I find it thrilling to visit places that have been featured in film, so I was super excited to be a tourist in the lovely "Downton Village" with my visiting friends. It was especially exciting to see that they were setting up for filming the next day, which I assume is why Highclere Castle is currently closed for visitors.
I have left out certain pictures of props because I don't want to be a spoiler!
My boy in the set of Downton Abbey!

I think this is really the village library.

Ol'OneEar horse on location

I think it's wonderful that the village participates in the filming by allowing their lives to be disrupted and altered during filming.  It must be exciting.  I know that I am restraining myself from returning today to celebrity stalk.  I certainly wouldn't want to disturb filming as I am looking forward to the next season!
Carry On Filming!

 Another blog that has some lovely pics and filming scenes from the village:
Meanwhile: While they are busy filming the next series, I have been enjoying The Village.  Have you?

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