Monday, 29 April 2013

Some Zip A Dee Ay Weekend Thrifting

This weekend we pottered over to the local car boot sale.
First of thee season and we Scored!
Lots of mini, vintagey games for super cheap.  Good travel size for campervanning I think!
Hubby was the super-searcher.  I have a few things on the list of things to look out for, and he rummaged and found all of these.

Touristy Cuban Dominos

Lamp £1!!!
Funky Town.

My boy treated me to this Polaroid camera for 50p.  He likes to splash the cash on his loved ones.  He also bought his brother a steering wheel for his bus.

I was thinking that it would be great to get some film for this.  He was really interested in how it would work.  But Hubby checked online and it's just way to pricey:-(

Opera glasses £1!

We are playing with them for a bit, but I think these would make a great gift for some one more cultured than ourselves...

Not too subtly either.
I think I should teach her how to postion her mirrors like many of the ladies in Antwerp.
If you place the mirror on the wall opposite the front room window, and place your sofa or chair by the window facing the mirror, you can check out the passer bys without being caught.

Believe it or not, she was on my list.
I specifically wanted a baby doll with a plastic body.
Surprisingly elusive and expensive now-a-days.  Most have a fabric body.
The details are apparently fascinating.
She is called Amelia, because she does this freaky thing with her eyes.  She lies down with her eyes closed and then rises, eyes popping open and screaming "ahhhhh!"
So she is AHHH-melia.
The boy came up with her name:-)
50p handbag

that smells of compact powder and perfume when it's opened.
I find that comforting.

The boy also scored big time in the bay blade department with a super mega fantastic bargain and he and his Dad also got some new, old tools.
Jolly Good.
Hoping to do a car boot sale next week and to actually leave with LESS than we arrive with.
That is the plan anyway...

And now for something completely random:
"How come, when I turn the spoon one way, everything is right side up, 

...but when I turn it the other way, everything is upside down?"
"Concave, convex, refractions..."
I reply; trying to sound intelligent, but pass it over to the clever Grandad.
"Grumpy? Can you answer this one?"
"The best thing would be to look it up on the internet." Replies Grumpy:-)
Well I could have told him that!

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  1. A definite super searcher...I could do with one of those.

    Love all your thrifting - I'm yet to visit my first boo fair of the year...fingers crossed for next weekend.

    Nina x


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