Sunday, 21 April 2013

Kodak Car

I found the remains of one of the toy Kodak cars that my Grandpa gave the kids a good few years ago.
While there are many reasons I would have liked them to have looked after these a bit more (It was probably one of the last things that he gave them and because of the whole Kodak-is-no-longer thing)  I like that they enjoyed playing with it.
And I must say that the mangled remains are fascinating.
Handy Hubby confessed that it went through the lawn mower.
So I think I'll keep this little scrap of metal, and when I'm accused of being a hoarder, I will have the story to justify my treasure.


  1. Interesting, isn't it? every piece of junk has a story :)

  2. ...and such a beautiful story. Oh yes I would most definitely say a keeper. Hoarding 'nah' - it is a thing of beauty with memories and stories all entwined.

    Nina x

  3. It's cute - maybe you should keep it in a glass box like a piece of art!


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