Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Yesterday I mentioned Sun worshipping.
We are relishing the evening light in our kitchen since knocking down walls, and installing a huge window.  The intense sun can almost be overwhelming at dinner.  ALMOST.  But not quite. Yet.  It is such a joy to cook, play and hang out in such a light space.
There was a couple of times during the building work, when I thought that we shouldn't have done this, with young children and the chaos of renovations etc...
But now there is light.
Dazzling light that I am super grateful for!
Lighting up the curls.

This is going to have my husband running for the clippers.
When Handy Hubby was a boy, he had golden curls too.  His Grandmother insisted that he keep them, but  when he finally had had enough of his wavy locks and had his hair cut, she apparently refused to speak to him for a while!

Excuse the messy mouths.  We were eating and I had to capture the light. (I was told it is going to rain tomorrow.)
Dinner was: Pea and Ham Soup


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