Thursday, 18 April 2013

Foil, Foil and Baby Oil

A post about chairs.
Last time we were in Antwerp, we SCORED and bought these chairs.
They were just what I had been hoping to find one day.
They were pretty cheap, and we wangled a bit more money off because of a broken chair leg.
Luckily enough, we were roaming around with an empty pushchair, having offloaded the children on Oma and Opa.
Here is the Handy Hubby carrying a stack, while I balance the other stack on the pushchair while taking a picture.
I was excited about our score!

I thought that they were in pretty good condition, but would need some fixing up.
I had originally thought that the chrome might need sanding down and re-spraying, 
but after googling a bit, decided to try rubbing them down with aluminium foil.
Cheap and awesome magic!


There are some rust scars that remain, but most of these are on the underside of the chairs and hardly noticeable.  
I also had to keep reminding myself that with kids, they wouldn't stay perfect anyway.


The kids wanted to have a go too.

Everyone loves a good before and after!
A friend came round and happened to see our score and said that she saw some similar chairs rotting away in the shed of the house she was renting.  She was preparing to move because of the nasty landlord and the shameful way he treated her and her family,
so we pulled a "Robin Hood" and "rescued" the beauties AND matching tables from their damp, dark demise.
These chairs were worse for wear and the aluminium foil rub down was getting tiresome, so I googled again, and decided to try rubbing them down with some baby oil.

It was super-easy, good for the hands and added that extra bling.
(The baby oil trick was so much fun that I polished the bin and the stainless steel extraction fan too.)
There are a few bits of edging around the seating that need Handy Hubby's magic touch still but other then that, I am so pleased with how they turned out.
Another friend welded the broken leg back on for us , 

And most of the chairs got some new shoes courtesy of Handy Hubby and Ebay.

The lone, red chair that we "Robin-Hooded" from the mean landlord.  (This chair has been claimed by my daughter.)
Although I love having a story behind furniture, and I adore this red chair, I fear that it will always be my "Tell-Tale Heart" chair.

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  1. Those chairs are simply fabulous and I also love the tales behind them! :-)


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