Friday, 19 April 2013

Dory and Some Belgian Street Art

I took these a good few months ago and just forgot to share!
I love the bits and bobs you can find around the cities in Antwerp.  Handy Hubby has pointed out to me that I probably take the same picture every time we visit.  I may have even put them on the blog already! Well,  I can either worry about my flakey brain, or relish my ability to Dory-the-fish everything.
If it delights me and looks fresh and new to me every time, then I think that's a pretty awesome brain trick to have. I think...

This area used to be a total graffiti park.  It's now been tidied up and tamed. A bit.  

Butt Chin Man


There are a lot of these beetles dotted all over the place.  It's like an exterminator's scavenger hunt.

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  1. Really cool, thanks for sharing! Hope you're well. :)


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