Saturday, 27 April 2013

Brownie Cam

A family friend gave me my first Kodak Brownie camera when I was in my teens.  I had started the photo obsession and it was a great gift that I still treasure today.  I have since added to my collection of old cameras, purely out of fascination.
I can't believe how much photography has changed.  I remember teaching the kids at camp all about how cameras work and use light to make the images.  I also studied how the mirrors worked to bounce images...all that stuff.
And now, I have no clue about how the digital camera works.
Last week, I saw Keri-Anne's pictures over on the Gingerlillytea blog:
I have played around with the cameras in the past, and I'm sure that I have even tried to take a picture through the lenses, but it can be difficult to get your positioning right and I didn't pursue it further.
Keri-Anne's pictures turned out so great that I was inspired to play about some more with the camera collection.

 I think it is so fun to take pictures with cameras that maybe haven't taken a picture themselves for maybe over fifty years?!

I struggled to avoid reflections, it was such a sunny day!
The Brownie Reflex
I really struggled to find a good angle on this one, as well as avoiding reflections.
Still, I was amazed at the sharp images when they did "appear".
We took it inside for portraits and to try to avoid the reflection issue.  Here is our set up.

The big boy had a go, and used the camera on the phone.  I think that he was struggling to get to a focused point, so he informed us that he was making us look like paintings.

The three-year-old couldn't grasp the idea that you have to look through the viewfinder on the top.
But he figures it out eventually.
There is another view on the side, but it's all very disorientating and hard to get the hang of!

It's kind of awkward, disorientating and a bit of a faff, but addictive, hit and miss fun.  I am so not finished playing around!  


  1. Oh this is great! I am so glad i inspired you. I actually have the same brownie you used in the firt pictures but i havent done any TTV shot with that. All of my ones from my blog were with the brownie reflex that you have also. It is hard to get the right angle but when you do, the photos are wonderful and so fresh and colourful!

    I am so glad i inspired you. thank you for sharing with me x

    1. Thank you! I figured out that one of the reasons I was having trouble with the reflex was that there was a part of the lens that was loose and had broken off inside:-( I'm hoping Handy Hubby might be able to fix her up....!

  2. What a great activity to share with the kids. Makes me want to rush out and find an old camera! x

    1. Totally! I have a little collection, but actually only the one of them is ok for taking pictures threw. So I have been on the look out this morning at a car boot sale- came back with a lot of bits and bobs including a polaroid camera, but not sure what I'll do with that apart from admire:-)Might try and find some film...

  3. wow that looks like so much fun... Love it.


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