Wednesday, 10 April 2013

April Ten on Ten

Celebrating nine years of marriage with my Handy Hubby

Daily checks on my daughter's progress in my childhood books.  Keen to see what she thinks of them!

Captured, observed, and released outside, far away from the house.
We might not brush our hair when we are on holiday, but we do twirl.
I'm not a girly-girl, and neither is my Goddaughter, but I just had to make her one of those no-sew tutus.
Making these:
But with normal krispies.
The bear got a tutu too.
Soooo easy to make, my daughter is now planning to set up a tutu business.

How my Goddaughter's tutu turned out:
Can't wait to see if she'll agree to wear it.
I'm a sucker for tulle.  Maybe I am a girly girl after all...

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  1. looks like a lovely day!
    and we lived near chincoteague for years! :):)


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