Thursday, 21 March 2013

Un-Epical Awesomeness

A random selection of some fun and simple kiddy-based stuff that we have been doing:

and failing that, we went for the floor:

Bean Play
Loving it so much that he just had to get all up in it.
I would do the same if they were coffee beans...
Verdict: Fun and way more easy to tidy up than rice play.  My mother in law has better beans (kidney beans) that are prettier and more durable and have lasted at least 8 years of play. 
 I have a bit of an issue in providing food for "sensory tubs" for kids. 
If I'm going to let the kids play with food, I want it to keep/last as long as possible to try to counter-act the wasteful element of playing with food.  I want to be able to put them in a container so that we can use it again and again.
Pinterest can make my mind kooky (ok kookier than normal) and I get carried away thinking that we must do all these EPIC things with our kids/as a childminder before they grow up.
So I'm now on a mission to keep it SIMPLE, and more resourceful and reasonable.
And I'm trying to get my butt off of Pinterest and rolling around on the floor with the rugrats doing Simply awesome stuff.
Bashing golf tees into Styrofoam.
Days and Days and Days of Fun.
We also got the wrenches out to pull them out, it was also fun just poking them in.
I got this idea from somewhere on the internets, most likely Pinterest.  But it has my "SIMPLE SUCCESS" approval.
In fact, I have over 300 pins of ideas of stuff to do with the kiddies so that I'm never at a loss for an idea of something to do.
I think that is enough to last a year at least.
I guess that I have been over-stimulated in the Pinterest department, and then thinking that I need to over stimulate the kids play with elaborate activities.
And of course that was after I stuck my nose up at Pinterest no less than two years ago!
I just don't want to drive myself crazy seeing all the amazing and sometimes elaborate things that I could be doing, when the simplest things are usually the best.
Must. Stop. Pinning.
At least until we have done the things that are already on our list of unnecessary-but-fun things to do.

The concentrating lip-pursing look.
I take inspiration from this look.
I do not need inspiration from Pinterest today.
I do not need inspiration from Pinterest today.
I do not need inspiration from Pinterest today.
Everything I need to have an awesome time, is here already.

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