Sunday, 10 March 2013

Motherly Ten on Ten

It's Mothering Sunday here in the UK and it's been a beautiful day.

Handy Hubby's Super Waffles.

I confess.  This was a set up.  My dog does not usually sit still. I have stolen her raggedy granny toy.  She thinks that we are playing, but I'm just trying to take her picture.
I feel a bit like Jill Greenberg now.

Roast in progress with crumple in reflection.

The dog, her dirty granny, and my girl.

The best seat in the house.

The face he makes when he is splashing.
Sorting washing while chatting to my mother on Skype.
Love that technology.
The protective hand is on the book to make sure that no one takes it away.  He is just "resting his eyes". 
He gets this his Mummy.
And I get it from mine...
And she gets it from hers...

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  1. Beautiful kids, dog, and set! Happy Mothering Sunday!! Love your pics!


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