Wednesday, 13 March 2013


When I was a kid, I had to keep journals at school.  It's a pretty good way to practice handwriting and great fun to read back as an adult.
My kids don't have to do this with school, but it's something that I encourage (ok.MAKE) them do every few weeks.  Currently, they tend to document significant events, but I've been suggesting that they might want to add more of their opinions and feelings.
I have them use Mead Composition Books:
Because they I think they are sturdy, have great lines to concentrate on big letters/small letters and there is a space for pictures.
(similar to this)
My boy digs his heels in about writing and poor guy thought that he was nearly finished with his journal.  He was really annoyed when I told him that I had stocked up and there was another one waiting for him.
I honestly believe they will thank me in the future when they can show their kids how awesome their childhood was and hopefully, how good their handwriting is, even though handwriting is becoming a "lost art" because of typing.

Here he is reading my old journals.

And apparently finding my seven-year-old thoughts deeply perplexing.

I seemed to have a bit of an obsession with the supernatural.

If I were a ghost, I would say BOO! And I'm sure I would do a lot more than that, just for fun!

At four, I seemed to have a sixth sense,

and at seven, I was a spy kid.

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  1. this is a very good idea......i have kept lots of scraps of paper with drawings & writing from my own kids & nieces & nephews, they all like to look at them & have a laugh.
    still looking into your "fish".

    1. Thank you Raylee! I have searched the internet and am starting to wonder if it really is a fish creature after all... so curious!


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