Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy World Book Day

 We don't need an an excuse to celebrate books around here as they are celebrated in our house every day.
 But the children have relished this opportunity to dress up for World Book Day, even if they are still wearing  most of their regular school uniforms.
I'm pleased that the Harry Potter obsession has lasted and that they re-used the cloaks that we made for them last year, just changing up the characters a little bit.
Ginny Weasley

Draco Malfoy
Badges were safety-pinned on so that they can change characters/houses whenever they want.

Last year as Hermione Granger and Harry Potter
We used this pattern for the robes and they were pretty easy (with Handy Hubby's help)
I reckon this pattern would make for a good kimono-type thing as well.
The Big Bad Wolf.
Happy Reading!


  1. Oh Bless, they look fab! Lovely photos x

  2. Wow, they look like the characters!


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