Thursday, 28 March 2013


Something that floats.

If it floats in the ocean,
it may wash up on the beach, 

where someone may find it
and be astonished,
and share the discovery
with someone else-
I love children's books and I have just found myself a new favourite.
Today, I went to the book shop to help the Easter Bunny get some ideas for books that he might like to put in the kid's baskets this weekend.
And I heard his voice telling me to go ahead and pick up one for myself while I was at it.  I always judge books by the cover and this one got me hook, line and sinker.
Detail on Cover (I didn't actually notice what was in this detail until I zoomed in with my camera.)
But I waited to peek inside until I tucked myself up in bed just now.  Yes, before 9pm on a non-school night.  And yes, with a children's book.
And I am in love.
And was too excited to stay snuggled up in bed because I just had to get up and share.
I know that I'm a bit behind as this book was first published in 2006 but it's super awesome to find this book today because a very similar story happened to be in the news this week.
Canon camera
Barnacle-encrusted camera?
Barnacle-encrusted camera.

It's a picture book, with beautiful pictures, it has a camera in it and super-freaky-but-intriguing sea life in it.
So it's a five star from me, oh and it's also won a Caldecott Medal.
I love the definition of Flotsam- I never knew of that word before.
And I love the details of random bits of flotsam in the front cover.
Like what is that black sack/pod at the bottom?  We used to find these all the time, but I can't remember what they were?  Egg sacs? From what? Sharks? Sting Rays?
And I'm sure that I had a shell almost exactly like the one on the left for many years.
I'm still so curious as to what this little piece of flotsam is:
(I like using my nearly-learned word.)

I don't want to give too much away in case you haven't seen this book before, but as I was reading it, I was thinking about how great it would be to get the kids involved in a similar way with a camera and people all over the world, and it looks like they did do this to promote the book as well.
I'll be looking through this site in more detail soon.

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