Monday, 18 March 2013

Black Bean Soup

I'm no master chef,  but I'm beginning to get to the point where I can go off-road a bit and cook without a recipe.  So when I actually make something that turns out well when I'm "making it up", I get really excited, thinking that I have invented something new.  But of course, this recipe has been around a long time.
This was just how I did it:

Bung-it-all in Black Bean Soup
Heat olive oil in pot, add 2 chopped red onions and a couple cloves of minced garlic.
Stir and saute for about 4 min.
Bung in:
a few chopped carrots
a few sticks of chopped celery
chopped green and yellow pepper
1tsp or so cumin
1tsp or so cayenne
3tsp or so hot chili powder
1/2 tsp oregano
Stir it up Little Darling, Stir it up
for a while... maybe 10 min or so.
Add 2 tins of black beans.
I drained one tin but added the salted water in from another.
Add some veggie broth- how much you add depends on how thick you want it I guess. (I used about 1 pint)
Simmer for about 20 min until veg are cooked through.

Serve with cheese, sour cream (or we used Greek yogurt).  Hubby enjoyed adding jalapenos, but it was already a little spicy.
I reckon this would be lovely with some fresh coriander.
(Note: you can even see from the pics that the soup was not hot.  This soup was leftovers from the night before and Handy Hubby was actually not-so-handy in his re-heating/microwave skills.  This was not a nice surprise.  I like my food HOT and I was too scared to put that nice bowl in the microwave)
Verdict: Hubby, The Girl and I LOVED it.  The older boy did not and the younger boy mostly enjoyed stirring it around, but he seemed to like the spoonfuls that he did have.

For the Cornbread I used this recipe:
But I used a different brand of  white cornmeal and it was yummy too.
Especially smothered with margarine.  
I didn't picture this bit, because I don't want you to see what a piggy I am when it comes to buttering.

(Soup bowl made by a friend who informs me that it is safe to use for eating and not just decorative purposes as I had thought.  Apparently it can even go in the dishwasher, but I won't be testing that.)

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