Monday, 11 February 2013

The Oxford Bus Museum

As promised, some more pictures from a most excellent museum.

Stubber and many cigarette burns. On the bus!

Not only do they have a great collection of some sweet and funky buses, 

but they also have a mighty fine collection of mannequins.

Hands off ladies.  This one is mine. 

Mellow Chick

I feel bad.  I think she wanted to come home with us.  She's been on that bus too long.

Posing like a pro.

Super stylin'.

I visit under the guise of entertaining and educating the kids, but really I just like to go and play "riding to London" on the bus and checking to make sure my mannequin friends are still around and that no one has "upgraded"  or "updated" them yet. 
I love them so.


  1. Haha, those mannequins are awesome! :-)
    Love the colors in the first three pictures...

  2. These snaps made me laugh! I must go - I live in Oxford.

    1. It's a great place for a "fashion shoot"!

  3. hi katie, made me smile too, great photos!

  4. hi katie, made me smile too, great photos!!

  5. Gorgeous photos, will definitely try and fit in a visit here if we are in the area!


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