Friday, 1 February 2013

The Dream of the Nineties

Is Dying in my village.
I knew it wouldn't last but I loved that we had a Blockbusters in my village.  I call it the video shop.  Back in my day, that's what they were called.
And it was good.
The kids and I like to go every couple of months to browse the covers and be encouraged to take part in the crazy deals like four movies for four nights when we only went in to borrow two and struggle to get through all four, but it's better than having to get them back the next day.
I can't be surprised that we are losing our video shop when they have gone bust in many places.
Especially when we have used streaming and dvds by posts companies more often than we visited the shop.
But I will miss it.
I like the face to face interaction, and the recommendations the cool staff members give you.
I was too shy to ask them for a photo shoot, so I did my best drawing.  Please don't any one tell them.  I wouldn't want to offend them with my poor drawing skills:
Reminds me when as a teen, we used to try to impress the guy in the record shop with obscure tastes in music. 
And now most of the music shops are gone too.
And the book shops.
As is the human interaction of the local librarians.
They have been replaced by computers.  While it is fun to beep your own books, the computers always go wrong and I miss the small chit chat and book recommendations.
I realize that the times they are a changing, and I am getting old.
But it's a shame.

"In this age of technology, where you can manipulate anything, how do we retain that human element?"
Dave Grohl

I am soooo looking forward to watching this this weekend.
Weird though.
I assume that I will have to do something technical like stream it or buy it off of itunes if I want it now.
Which I do.
So I can't complain.
I suppose we can appreciate the access that technology gives us.

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