Saturday, 23 February 2013


(Mums and Sisters instead of WAGS)
Saturdays are football days.  And they are often cold and muddy days. So I thought that I would join in with Share your Style Saturday again! to share our footie fashion!

My Boy.  End of Tournament.
Moi.  I am showcasing my fingerless owl gloves.  A friend of mine got her mum to knit these for me so that I could carry on clicking my pictures in the cold weather!  (It's not so easy with full on gloves) The eyes are hama beads.  I am also showcasing a hand-painted coffee mug made by my super-talented sister. 
I am wearing my slip on booties with the fluff inside bought off amazon a good few years ago.
(They are comfie but not warm enough.)
I am wearing purple jeggings with the very important elastic waistband from Marks and Sparks. 
Elastic waistband is a plus point for me.  My size fluctuates and I'm constantly up and down and rolling around on the floor with all the rugrats.  I just find them easier to move in and "adjust".
New Bag-or suitcase as the Handy Hubby calls it is from Primark.  
Bonus points is that it is huge and has a wipeable surface.
It needs to be huge. I'm a childminder and a mama and I need to carry around those crucial spare pants for everyone.
You'll thank me one day Handy Hubby.
Here are some other Footie MASS fashion:
Bootie Envy.
These babies looked W.A.R.M.
Jolly wellies:-)

My girl is modelling the finger-knitted loop scarf that she made this morning.
To see Handy Hubby and his Saturday Style, head over here:PeaSoupCampervan


  1. loving all your footy feet, your gloves are so cool and you daughter did a great job with her scarf :) thanks for linking up and sharing the hop....

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they? Such a thoughtful pressie!


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