Monday, 4 February 2013

Cut the Craft

A lot of the crafty stuff I do bugs me, because I know that it's not helping anyone, or even useful.
 But today, I can be proud of what I made.
I've started giving blood even though I'm a wuss about it.
Here's one I made earlier:
Sorry Mom. You should turn your head away now.

Because I'm such a wuss, I thought that I would bring the camera to distract myself.  I also wanted to impress my kids, myself and the world with a picture of my big sack of blood.
I am a compulsive photographer, but I am still terribly shy about having the big camera and self-conscious about taking pictures when other people might see me.  But I am trying to get over that.  I mean what is the worst thing that can happen?  Someone asks you not to take pictures right?
 I was told not to take pictures of the needle going in the arm because apparently lots of people, mainly students do this, and then post it on facebook, putting off any other potential donors.
Fair enough.  Personally, I have to twist my neck so far the other way so that I don't accidentally see things in action.
But when I asked to take a picture of the full bag, the head nurse asked "Why?  Are you sick in the head or something?"
So there you go.  That is the worst thing that can happen when you go in and ask to take a picture of your own blood in a bag.
I got over it and laughed because actually, I am aware that I may be a little eccentric, but I am ok with that.
And anyway, it's MY blood. Innit.
I think that more I look and my kids look and take an interest, the less wussy I/they will be when it comes to these things.
 That is the theory anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the hall was pretty packed.  It's an excellent place for people watching.   Quite a few tough looking blokes.  (I imagined that they were truckers.) Another softer looking guy was trying to impress the nurse with his "flexing" for a vein.  A few ladies looking rather like myself and enjoying the "peace". One lady was there for the first time, and another was on her 75th donation!  She has also been a bone marrow donor and she told me that when she reached 100 donations, she would "retire".  Impressive!
They also give you free squash and biscuits.  One time I went and there were crisps and chocolates too.
They usually also have stickers, which is an incentive.  I cannot lie.
I mean if I'm going to go lie down for about 15 minutes, child-free, ease-dropping and people watching while giving some blood and then having a snack, I want the stickers to prove it! But I had to ask for them this time.  I hope they aren't phasing the stickers out...
Kid approval.
I really like how massive they are.  Just to make sure no one misses them.
The sticker I'm talking about. Not the goggles. 
(I don't know about the goggles, but the 2 year old thought it was a goggle kind of day and the 8 year old had to test this too.)

Basically, what I'm saying in a round-about way is, if you haven't done so already, please consider making a crafty pint of blood sometime.  It's not that bloody traumatic or difficult.  It's actually bloody fun in that sort of roller coaster/scary movie type way. You know- I'm scared, but I'm doing it anyway-type rush.
Also, you get a little bit of "me" time, which is nice.  And someone is going to find a good use for that bloody red stuff.
I promise you.

*** Apologies for the bloody swearing. It is a first on the blog, but I like to think that it's allowed this once because it's bloody relevant.***

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