Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Because I Love You

and because I had some seriously good taste.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Drool On This:

Doogie Howser. 
One of my first and long-lasting crushes.
I know that is a bad picture to drool over so here's a link to some good stuff:
Looking back, I realize that my mother and Grandma seemed to encourage this crush and always made an effort to watch the program with me...
I'm guessing I could tell there was a bit of a bad boy behind that wholesome exterior...
Anyway, I found this treasure file in a box of my old stuff.  I'm think this was from my one and only copy of Teen Beat or something like that and I cut out pictures of all the people that I was supposed to think were cool.
There are some cool ones in there.
Doogie is Number 1
Vanilla Ice
Milli Vanilli
But the Jason Priestly?  I get the feeling that he was a bit too much of a bad boy. But that the other guy Luke Perry got all the blame and bad attention.  The grown up me does not approve of the younger me treasuring his picture.  Real life/soap opera, what's the difference?

Just for the record: I do not truly fancy any of these pin ups. I was just passing the time until I found my Handy Hubby.
I love him.
He truly is Legen (wait for it) dary.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Here's hoping you all have someone or something to drool over!
Big, wet, sloppy kisses!

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