Thursday, 10 January 2013


Today the kiddies had a bonus day off as the electrics were out at the school.
I joked that I would home school them instead, and they were keen on the idea so we pulled a Ferris and did a home school day out and about being tourists.
Perfect day to join in with Ten on Ten:-)
                                                  ten on ten button                                                         
Tree from our window as I roll up the blinds.
We live in a rather packed neighborhood so it's nice that huge trees are still around.

my "dressing table" is an old suitcase on the floor. 

Kids making animations and working as a team.

A visit to the DIY shop.
I noticed later that the mirror had written on it Look Good Getting Dirty.
They also had a challenge to find the funniest paint names.  They liked Golden Goose, Goldilocks and Utility Chic.

A visit to the Oxford Castle.
I went up the mound for the first time and was too scared to go in a the well chamber and these punishment rooms.  Perhaps I'll delve into this more later...
(History-local studies)

Visiting an art gallery with featured work by Rachel Ducker and Rachel Owen.
The little one was disturbed by the wire works and was most fascinated by the fire hydrants that were not part of the exhibit.

Lunch Time!
I made a rookie mistake and didn't see the children's menu, but the lad was more than happy to deal with this monster.  He says it's a "Shaggy Sandwich".
I would show you the after picture, but I'm trying hard to stick to the limit of 10!

The Library.
Funky lines, funky design, excellent location.

Handwriting practise on bus windows

Home again and admiring kitchen reno features.

Bath time


Phew.  There was so much more to our day than these pictures.  I think I could have done 10x10 on 10, but pleased to take part.  I'm looking forward to snooping through everyone's  pictures!
haha!  I cheated and this is a post script picture from our day:-)


  1. Oh my gosh, I love surprise days like that. The best kind of education, hands down.

  2. oh my gosh, that sandwich!! and what a smile to go with it! :)

  3. What an interesting set!
    So glad you cheated... love the last pic!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil - also participating!)

  4. Love the set - it is hard to pick just 10 photos some days, other months, especially when I've had a crazy day in the classroom, it's a stretch for me to get ten!!!

  5. Pulled a Ferris - so funny! Fun day!


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