Wednesday, 23 January 2013


So the theme over at Stickyfinger's The Photo Gallery this week is ADVENTURE.
And yeah, yeah, yeah, the snow theme is just gone crazy over here.  But it is EXCITING.  And if you can't get excited about a bit of snow... then... well...I dunno.
So I have been WAY excited about the snow.  Mostly because we went sledging for the first time at the super-scary looking place that everyone else has been to.  And it was exhilerating.  I heart sledging.
I think it's so addictive because we only have one sledge and have to take turns which takes a long time with 4/5 plus of us and also it's so steep that it takes about 5 min to climb back up.  And your always looking for that perfect run, each time is different, sometimes you fall midway...
I love sledging.
Did I say that already.
So because it's a photo gallery here are the photos first:

And for the more adventurous types, here is a video that the hubby made:

FYI: normal people stop way before the point that he did.  I tried the slope before I let anyone else and you can either bail or turn before getting too close.  And no one went in on day one, but on day two there were a couple loonies that wanted to go the extra mile, but merely got stuck in the grassy marsh bits.
I like how he aims for the kids and then shouts at them to "Watch OUT!"
Happy Sledging!


  1. Haha looks like lots of fun. We made a kind of sledge today in my entry :-)

  2. I miss living in my old village in Derbyshire; we had some wonderful hilly fields there where we used to sledge. It's very flat in the part of Lincolnshire I now live. I hope my girls get to experience sledging soon, I'd love to see their faces :)


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