Friday, 25 January 2013

Snow Many Ways

to use snow.
As a white backdrop.

I had seen something on Pinterest about throwing Hundreds and Thousands instead of rice at weddings because they come out really well in the pictures.  I wanted to try this.

But I was not that impressed.  Maybe ours weren't colourful enough.
I liked the edible stars effect better.
But we discovered that these beautiful sprinkles looked great on the snow when they seeped in a bit.
So we doodled.

But they did not look so nice when they were mixed in.
It just looked like the dog had been let out.

Here are the gems up close.
Because I love playing with the macro-style lens.
The precious snow was starting to melt rapidly, so we had a final hurrah party the back.
He is using the snow as a canvas for the Pollock Style painting that he loves so much.  Although we used loads of food colouring, it still wasn't vibrant enough for my liking, but we had fun painting the snow anyway.

Using the sand molds as a cheat!


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  1. Such a fun post! I love your snow painting and your snow castles! Fabulous photos x


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