Sunday, 20 January 2013

Planet Snow

This is just another post
About Snow.
There can never be enough.
This is Planet Snow.
Pattern created by the crazy dog catching snowballs, 
and then filled in with another layer of snow.

Planet Snow is in our back garden.
This snow is special snow.  Not snow for building snow men.
The lovely white covers a huge muddy mess of post building work stuff that I am not in a rush to see again.
So snow man making, angel making, sledging and all that other great stuff is reserved for the street.
This snow belongs to me and the dog.
Who is instructed to do her business elsewhere.

This is Shaving Cream Snowball Snow.
And snow for playing sniffer dog in searching for disintigrated snowballs.

And photogenic snow...
This snow is Blinging.
Frost Yourself!


  1. I love how you captured the twinkle! Snow is so beautiful x


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