Thursday, 24 January 2013


You in know those day time tele movies, when one partner tries to get rid of the other by making them and everyone else think they are crazy?  Then they are free to go off and be with the other one once a divorce is granted or their partner has been "taken away"?
Well, I am beginning to get suspicious.
Hubby has been setting the scene for a while now, insisting that I said things when I haven't.
This happens a lot because 1.  Unless you make eye contact with him, you can guarantee he is not really listening.  2.  His mind creates the answer that he wants to hear and not always the actual thing I said.  3.It is difficult to have a clear conversation with kids around.
But anyway....
The plot thickens.
I present: How to send your wife DooLally with three simple steps. by my Hubby.
1. Present her with a Macro type lens that she never realized that you had. (This step could be good enough to send her doolally on it's own.  She will macro photo anything.)
2. Show her a blurry picture of a perfect snowflake that you took on your phone.  She will have an uncontrollable desire to find one too and get it in focus.  Darn phone cameras!
3. Sit back and watch it snow, making sure that the neighbours are around to witness your wife standing posed with the camera super close on the pushchair, bins, kids... for ages. Not breathing. Waiting. Sometimes chasing...
the perfect snowflake.
I'm not sure if this can now be used as evidence against me.  Maybe I should deny that I ever sat waiting for the flakes and trying to catch them in focus before they slowly melted...
but I'm not the only one who does this.
Maybe I should just pretend that I am scientifically documenting flake shapes...
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  1. it is worth it! and it could be DooLollyier: you could be trying to capture the rare, elusive snow roller.


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