Monday, 28 January 2013

Decorating with Dinos

On the same day that I saw this and fell in lust:
aww fido
we went to The Works to load up on cheap canvases and found these babies:
I just had to bring them home.
At £9.99, I know that they are not quite as cool as the Rex above, but they are still pretty cool and cheap and I adore them.

They are sold as containers full of dino land bits and bobs and have a lid and handle at the bottom.
I will admit that I purchased these for myself and not the kids, but I did give them the bits from inside.

I reckon he would look nice with some lights inside his head...

Lit from above at night.
This one is on loan temporarily in the boy's room.
I took the lid off and just rested it on a nail.

He goes pretty well in this alcove.

Randomly, for the sake of documentation of "kids of our time" and just for  fellow snoopers, listed below are some of the super-cool things on the boy's dusty dresser:

plastic monster ice cream container from restaurant in belgium
pile of badges earned from school and events
lego motorcycle thing
toilet fart noise thing
remote control fart machine that is also activated by certain car keys. Awesome!
generous supply of tic tacs from Father Christmas
mini pirates playmobile treasure chest
homemade framed picture of Harry Potter
finger skateboard things and accessories
fan from China from friend
homemade bookmark from friend
homemade elephant mosaic art
neglected plant
Dude statue from The Skyline Gang
Cars Snow Globe
Star Wars clock that used to be Daddy's
hex bugs
wind up walking shoes toy

I must take pictures of their clutter more often.  Although it's stuff that drives me crazy sometimes, they are proud of their treasures and a sign of the times to be remembered.


Can't decide which side I like best.  
Resisting the urge to run back and buy them all to give as gifts!
Who doesn't love dinosaurs right?!

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  1. Those are fantastic! I love all the little treasures, exactly the sorts of things that I used to collect!


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